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Twelve Insights into Grieving After the Death of Your Loved One  (526347 views)

Learning how to grieve healthfully, and to mourn so that you can learn to live in adaptively in the absence of your loved one, is no simple task. These 12 insights into grieving can be helpful to the bereaved.  Read More

Helping Yourself After a Sudden Death  (524748 views)

Because grief may be more complicated when a death is sudden and unexpected, this guide offers suggestions for coping with the sudden loss of a loved one.  Read More

Helping Yourself Cope with Holidays and Anniversaries  (484941 views)

When the loss of a loved one hurts more on holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, you can take steps to manage your grief by addressing former traditions, creating new ones, and addressing your own needs.  Read More

Coping With Grief: Helping Others Endure Their Loss  (476634 views)

"Coping With Grief: Helping Others Endure Their Loss" is an informative guide to helping a friend cope with their grief after suffering a loss.   Read More

Helping Yourself at Your Time of Loss  (473249 views)

The first few days following a death can be very draining. This article explores some common emotions and steps to healing after the loss of a loved one.  Read More

Helping Yourself When There Has Been a Military Death  (468905 views)

The death of a member of the military brings a special loss to the hearts of loved ones. This article explores the complex emotions that arise when grieving and coping with a military death.  Read More

Helping Yourself When an Unborn Baby Dies or a Miscarriage Occurs  (464575 views)

This article explores the complex emotions that arise in grieving the loss of an unborn child, terminated pregnancy or miscarriage, and offers suggestions on how to begin to heal.  Read More

Helping Yourself When You are a Professional Caregiver  (458375 views)

This article for caregivers of the sick, dying or bereaved explores ways to implement sound self-care strategies while coping with the demands of helping others grieve or prepare for loss.  Read More

Helping Yourself or a Coworker with Grief in the Workplace  (457854 views)

Whether you have suffered a loss and wonder how it will affect your professional life, or whether a coworker is grieving the loss of a loved one, you and others can manage grief in the workplace to make it a place of healing and understanding.  Read More

When a Spouse Dies  (456092 views)

Dr. Kenneth J. Doka provides an exploration of the common themes, adjustments and challenges that emerge after the loss of a spouse as a widow or widower learns to cope with his or her grief.  Read More

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